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5 years before Cole’s Sweet Heat was in production I was working on the recipe without knowing it would turn in to the sauce it is today.  At that time my brother brought me to my first BBQ competition and after that I was hooked.

While searching for the perfect sauce to represent St. Louis at competitions I noticed all of my fellow BBQ enthusiasts adding things to other commercial sauces and I thought “why?” Was there no sauce currently on the market that could provide the perfect sweetness with a kick of heat that could also stand up to hours of simmering to create BBQ bliss? I quickly found that the answer was no.

I spent the next year perfecting my recipe while competing and cooking for friends and family until everyone agreed my sauce was just right,  Cole’s Sweet Heat was born.

Early 2013 I made the conscious decision to change manufacturers and go with a local, family owned manufacturer who provided the same great flavor that no longer contained high fructose corn syrup and was also Gluten free.

After a year and countless BBQ awards later the Cole’s Sweet Heat that we have always loved has become more available to the public than ever.

In 2014 I am launching 2 more sauces under the names “Sweet Velvet” and “Habanero Heat” and I am very excited about the future of Cole’s Sweet Heat and its ever expanding product line.